Are you planning on leaving your dog at a boarding facility while you are away? Here, our Rock Hill vets explain how you can prepare for your dog's stay.

What You Should Know When Boarding Your Dog

Below are some things you should know and consider when choosing a boarding facility (kennel) for your dog and preparing your furry friend for their stay:

Understand the kennel's rules, policies, and regulations.

Before boarding your dog at a new facility be sure to speak to staff about their rules, regulations, and what they offer. For example, what type of food do they feed the dogs, what items can you bring from home (toys, blankets, etc.), what are their emergency procedures, or if they can administer your dog's medicine?

Asking about the policies, procedures, and services the facilities offer can help you determine the best home away from home for your dog.

Make sure your dog's vaccinations are current.

While every dog boarding facility has its own criteria for maintenance, all reputable kennels share one common factor, your dog's vaccinations have to be up to date. They will require proof that your dog has received all of the required immunizations because many common dog illnesses and diseases can spread quickly in kennel settings. This helps keep your pooch and the other dogs at the facility safe. Ask the kennel in advance which immunizations they require your pup to have.

Visit the facility prior to your dog's stay.

Kennels that house a lot of pets can get messy quickly. While a boarding facility can't be kept fully sterile, a high-quality boarding facility will still look and smell clean. So, before booking your dog's stay visit the kennel and make sure it's kept organized and clean.

When dropping off your dog, keep your own emotions in check.

Dogs are experts at reading their owner's emotions. Your canine companion will be able to tell if you are stressed, overcompensating, or saying goodbye. Your dog's mood and behavior will reflect this, making it harder for them to calm down after you leave. To make the separation smooth keep things simple, short, and positive.

Your dog could display some different behaviors when they first get home.

It's critical to understand that the first few days after your dog comes home from the kennel, they may behave a little differently. Your pup might be clingy, lethargic, or have diarrhea. They may even eat or drink more than normal. But, this is a natural response to your dog's excitement for coming home. But, if things don't settle down after a few days, contact your vet.

Trust your instincts when picking a place to board your dog.

We believe that trusting your instincts is a great first step when choosing a kennel for your dog. If you don't feel comfortable with a place, look for another. If they have a policy you don't like, look around at different kennels until you find one that you can trust completely.

Boarding Your Dog at Catawba Animal Clinic

Our Rock Hill  vets offer first-rate boarding services for cats and dogs. 

We can offer your furry friend a comfortable and welcoming home away from home while you are away. Some of the services we offer include medical boarding, indoor and outdoor cabins for dogs, quality playtime with staff, climate-controlled kennels, daily walks, and more!

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition or boarding needs, please make an appointment with your vet.

Contact our veterinary team at Catawba Animal Clinic to schedule your dog's stay at our boarding facility in Rock Hill, CA.