Have you been looking into accommodation options for your pet? Boarding facilities and kennels may sound similar but there are some important differences between the two. In this post, our Rock Hill vets discuss dog and cat boarding facilities, and kennels. 

Pet Boarding Facilities & Kennels

As a pet owner, you probably think of your four-legged friend as more than an animal friend - they're a member of your family. 

Pets bring joy to our lives and bolster our mental, emotional and physical health. That's why it can be so heartwrenching to leave them behind when you must go out of town. But if you can't bring your pet with you, you may need to look for a boarding facility, kennel or other accommodations provider to care for them until you return. 

While many people consider boarding facilities to be similar to kennels, there are some important distinctions that may help you decide which of the two is best for your pet. These include how pets are supervised and cared for, who is supervising them and how they are organized. 

The Basics of Pet Kennels

For pets who need to spend a short amount of time in a confined space, pet kennels can be a safe place for them to do so. While kennels are often necessary for pets to keep them out of trouble while they're at a vet's office, groomer, or pet store, they wouldn't be used as the main purpose of your four-legged friend's visit. 

Veterinarians sometimes keep kennels in their offices to hold pets for a short period of time - several hours or a couple of days at most. Groomers also keep pets in kennels after they've been groomed while they await their owners. Some pet stores may also hold pets in kennels until they are adopted or sold. 

However, they are not considered healthy environments for long-term stays, as they aren't very large or comfortable.

Your furry friend will also likely not receive as much supervision or care in a kennel as they would at a boarding facility. With the exception of kennels at veterinary offices, your dog or cat will likely not be monitored by someone trained or experienced in pet healthcare. 

The Basics of Pet Boarding

Facilities that offer pet boarding house pets for a specific period of time - typically in a large space with amenities such as soft bedding for your pet to rest in, outdoor play time, regular interaction with humans and other pets, toys and more. 

While kennels are a temporary holding location for pets receiving a specific service, a pet's stay at a boarding facility is the entire purpose of their visit. 

Staff at pet boarding facilities are well-trained and experienced in caring for pets and keep them feeling happy and comfortable during their stay. Your four-legged companion will be carefully monitored throughout their stay.

Services at dog and cat boarding facilities vary widely in price based on amenities, location and other factors. 

Pet Boarding at Catawba Animal Clinic

At our Rock Hill animal hospital, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your pet, whether you need to leave town for a few days or have them looked after as they recover from surgery or medical treatment.

We want to set your mind at ease. We offer complete standard overnight and medical boarding services for dogs and cats. During your pet's stay, they'll get all the love and attention they deserve.

Larger, more active dogs have the opportunity to stay in our indoor-outdoor lodges with climate-controlled environments and lots of room to stretch and play outside. Plus, many of our lodges can accommodate family pets who like to stay together. In our smaller, indoor cabins, house pets have their own personal space. 

Cats stay in a separate area from dogs and receive daily one-on-one interaction with our staff (if wanted). Your kitty's room will be cleaned daily and stocked with fresh linens. There are also two-story condos with an "en suite" litter area and a view of our lobby.

Cats can relax in our cat boarding area, and condos can be either shared or private to accommodate your cat's unique personality and requirements. If you opt for medical boarding, any required medications will be administered on schedule and your pet will be supervised by our expert nurses and veterinarians. 

We also offer day boarding if your pet only needs to stay with us during the day, and custom TLC packages that include playtime during the day and a bedtime snack. 

Want to learn more about our pet boarding services? Contact our Rock Hill animal hospital. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and book your kitty's next stay.