Dr. Christine White is a veterinarian in Rock Hill. She joined our team in 2006.

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Dr. Christine White, Rock Hill Veterinarian

Dr. Christine White

Christine is a Rock Hill native, though she had a start as an Army brat in Germany. She actually attended elementary school right across the street at Ebinport Elementary School! Her parents report that she claimed to want to become a veterinarian as soon as she could talk. With tolerant parents, she was able to have many pets as a child from the goldfish from the school fair to the stray kitten to a barn full of horses!

Her education began at Converse College with studies in biology, chemistry, and politics. Christine graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. She began practicing equine medicine and canine rehabilitative medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2006, she returned to Rock Hill and joined the team at Catawba Animal Clinic.

With a long-time interest in canine athletes and physical medicine, Christine has done extensive coursework in physical rehabilitation at the University of Tennessee. She completed the coursework for a CCRP certification in 2013, and she now offers physical rehabilitation as a service at Catawba Animal Clinic.

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